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Archer/hunter - man, if u wan't make this class remember you're glass canon and on NM u lack stat points to make luck build effective unless u can aford god gear. So build is 3/2 str/dex or 4/1 with some dex lapis. - u will do ok in 1-15 zone and avarange in 20-30. Use bows!

Fighter/war - they're good PvP chars, but u need to have good (not god) gear to... coz' wars are little like suicide bombers - quicky go inside battle and kill b4 killed build should be same as Arch/hunt 3/2 or 4/1.. if u can afford good dex lapises go full str and u will do very well. (i met full str man in duel and he was really good - but u need to Shaiya Gold add at least 40 dex to 20-30 zone and around 20 to 1-15.... to 1-60 i am not sure but i always had around 175 or 200 as minimum). Use duals!        

Ranger/sin - best PvP class on later lvls... u will not do gr8 job in 1-15 in NM, but u will do good in 20-30 and 1-60, go str/dex build and u must add around 150 dex to 20-30 either way u s*/ck. Many ppl will say that i am wrong but Shaiya Gold from my observations i must say it that way. (i was nearly everytime (if i wasn't unlucky or did lamo things) able to kill sin with lower that this dex on duel), use stun locks no matter everyone say (it's part of the game). Use knuckles!

Mage/pagan - imho best PvP class on NM, go full int. U will not lack to much dmg since others will add some rec to their build. Your problem is that u will be Shaiya Gold paper so always have in mind - insta casts, kite, pause and daggers! Not to great in 1-60 zone true.

Defender/guardian - don't waste ur time, there is no way to be good PvP player on NM. To be honest it's my favourite Shaiya Gold class, but man u don't have enought stat and skill points to make battle tank on NM. Only thing u can achieve is good duel char with 3/2 str/dex but u must have good gear and not face UM or full dread + heavy lapised HM. Althout in 1-60 zone with full rec u can be avarange tank with really good debuffs - i will call it support PvPer. Either Shaiya money way use 1h heavy and shield.

Priest/Orc - 2 way of this class is here. Battle and Helper. As helper go full wis and hope that no-one will try to kill u or leave one sin close to u - heal, kite, res, use staffs. As battle u fail on NM mostly but go full int... u must be good lapised to do this - cc, dmg, kite, use Shaiya money daggers.

If u have HM - a/h - full luck, f/w - full str add dex, r/s - experiment - add luck and try something new, M/p - 3int/4rec, D/g - full rec * 5str/2dex * 3str/2dex/2rec (good only to lvl 30), Priest/orc - full int * 4rec/3wis * 3int/4rec

Never go alone, be with party, feel buy shaiya with party. Watch your back and hills. Never go to PvP in less lvl than zone high cap - 2. Camp dungs on lower lvls than that to get equip. Try to duel guys around your lvl to get exp. of your abilities to make proper use of them.


By Eleanore
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